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"Those Whom We Are Most Proud Of" A Scholar of Rumi (English & Farsi)

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Iran Times Article (English)

From Molana (Rumi) with Love

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Iran Times Article (Farsi)

ترجمه فارسی مقاله ایران تایمز:از مولانا با عشق- پروفسورمجید نایینی   

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United Nations

Rumi's Teachings on Global Peace & Harmony

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PBS Special

Iran: A Celebration of Art and Culture

Hosted by Oscar Nominee: Shohreh Aghdashloo

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Rumi's Wedding Night

UCLA - James Bridges Theater
Distinguished Keynote Speaker: Professor Naini

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San Francisco Chronicle

Can Rumi Save Us Now?

Dr. Naini was recently chosen among all the scholars in the US to interview for the San Francisco Chronicle.


Year of Rumi

International Conference in Antalya, Turkey

please see page 6 for information about Dr. Naini's talk as a distinguished keynote speaker at an international conference in Antalya, Turkey and in Konya in honor of the Year of Rumi.


Rumi Celebration

The Sun of Love (Khorshideh Eshgh)

Dr. Naini was the special keynote speaker at the widely celebrated two-day Rumi celebration The Sun of Love (Khorshide Eshgh) at the Niavaran Palace in Tehran on August 23 & 24 which has been televised several times.  Dr. Naini was also interviewed for The Year of Rumi on IRIB Channel 2.  We will have a clip available as soon as possible.


Mayor's Summit - Tallahassee, FL

Race, Culture and Human Relations

Dr. Naini's presentation was "a highlight of the sixth annual Mayor's Summit on Race, Culture and Human

Relations". The following day, Dr. Naini was featured on the front page of the Tallahassee Democrat newspaper and was also featured in the Tallahassee Local & State newspaper.


Newspaper Advertisements   

See Dr. Naini on the front page of the Tallahassee Democrat 

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University of California Santa Barbara/Ventura College

Universal Peace & Harmony

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San Diego Workshop

Mind-Body-Spirit Relation & Mystical Balance (Farsi)

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Jam-E-Jam Television

Mysteries of the Universe Television Series

18 Part Series (In Farsi)

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University of Tehran

International Rumi Anniversary Celebration

(In Farsi - included renowned international scholars such as Prof. William Chittick, Prof. Durring from France, Dr. Islami Nedooshan, Dr. Pazuke, Dr. Aavani, etc.)

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Boca Raton News


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Boca Raton News

From Rumi with Love

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South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Mystic Love

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Rumi and Global Peace




University of Tehran International Rumi Festival

Rumi and the Universe


Rumi Mind-Body-Spirit Relation & Mystical Balance


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